An online exhibition in March 2017. . . WordART.
Art in any medium, of or about or using word(s).

Any artist, anywhere in the world, is invited to be part of this.
It will be shown on the Virtual Tart website during March 2018.
A book of the results is being planned.

A list of artists who will be part of WordART is kept here.

Send image(s) as jpg files, with details of the work,
and any accompanying text that you want (no more than a page), to dale @ tart.co.nz (remove spaces)
By 20th February, 2018.
Up to three artworks per artist.

Cost? $10 per artwork.
How to pay? (please include your details)
If you're in New Zealand you can direct credit to TSB Bank DD Copeland 15 3942 0699605 00 , or cash or cheque.
From overseas PayPal is good, or cash or a personal cheque/check
but please add $2 to cheques as the bank now charges to convert currencies.

(Don't try international bank transfers, banks charge a fortune from both the sender and the receiver!)

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Copyright of all images remains with the artists.
These pages are written and maintained by Dale Copeland, Puniho Art.
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