Tanya Mercer

New Zealand painter.

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Traffic Islands I Back Beach

Oh Lydia Settler

Tanya moved to Taranaki from Whanganui when she was 18 to study under John McLean, Tom Kreisler and David Clegg. She has said that artistic genes come from her mum who is a florist, her grandfather who was a carver and her great grandfather who worked magic with drypoint. Tanya likes to mix it up with a range of media, and gets plenty of opportunity to do this as a secondary school teacher. She is moved by nature caught in unlikely places like traffic islands and other domesticated plants in suburban settings.

Tanya was a finalist for the 2013 Otago Gold Awards and in the past year has been a part of Puke Ariki's Homework - Taranaki Art Now exhibition and held a solo show 'By Arrangement' at Kina Art Gallery, New Plymouh.

Tanya lives in Omata, New Zealand

More of her work can be seen on facebook: Tanya Mercer Painter
and on her Roebuck Farm website - click here.

email Tanya at merceromata @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

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