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The Drinking Bull

  Old School Pens  
Five and a Half Different Objects Still Life with Tarnished Spoon

Duplex Empire Extinction

Caput Mortuum Old Bottles in New Light

Buttercups in Old Ink Bottle Narcissi in Cut Glass Vase

Self Portrait in Hat and Scarf Skull on a Plate Lesson for Two Lutes

Homage to MDS by PJH Old Ink Bottle

Paintings in Encaustic Wax

My Parents

FAQ My Own Two Feet Contact

Six Days in Nelson and Canterbury with an African Elephant Hand Mirror (triptych)

Photo by Stan Long

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See more of his work on his own site at paulhutchinson.co.nz

Or his Painting-a-day blog on postcardfrompuniho.blogspot.com

See this YouTube video showing start-to-finish of one of his small paintings. (condensed to 4 minutes)

Read the Daily News article about Paul and his work.

Oils, pastels, encaustic wax.

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