Charlotte Giblin

Artist, author, coach.

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Almost through Stop Looking for the Gate

Charlotte Giblin

Charlotte recently moved to New Plymouth from Whitianga, and has worked professionally in the Visual Arts for over 20 years - on "both sides" of the fence - as Business Owner; Gallery Director; Arts Administrator; Marketing Manager; Art Tutor; Author; Potter; Painter; Illustrator and Sculptor.

Charlotte is now a full-time painter who works in acrylics. “I LOVE colour, and I’m very eclectic in my painting style, moving easily from realistic portraiture to bright, textural Abstract Expressionist landscapes: every piece of work I do is autobiographical and I love pushing myself in different directions to see what emerges!”

Charlotte runs popular drawing and painting classes (focusing on realism and learning ‘how to see’), coaching her students to uncover a wealth of creative skills within them, and an eye for realism they had previously only dreamed about!

Charlotte lives in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand

More of Charlotte’s work can be seen on her website at

Contact phone 021 158 2895

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